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Our Boats
Family-sized Canoes
Most of our canoes are over 17 feet long and are designed for a stable capacity of 550 lbs.  We've added extra seats for the kids, enabling our boats to fit up to 2 adults and 2-3 young children.

"Catamaran" Canoes
Two canoes rigidly secured together provide a great way for a group of 4-8+ to stay together in a tip-proof craft.  Excellent for groups with small children and those who may want a more social trip.  ($100/raft)

Our flatwater kayaks are very easy to manuever and provide a little more independence to the adventurous paddler.

Tandem Kayak
The teamwork of a canoe and the profile and paddling style of a kayak, in one!  These boats sit lower in the water and are sit-on-top, so be prepared to get wet!

Kid's Kayak
A good training boat for kids who may be too small to handle a full kayak.  Sit-on-top style allows easy exit and can be towed if the child gets tired.